Mum's the Word!

SEP 14

Want to add a punch of color to your fall landscape?  Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as mums, may be just what you need.  Not just any variety of mum will do though!  Be sure to look for Belgian Garden Mums.  They have become more readily available in recent years and are far superior to old-fashioned varieties from your grandmother's day.

Belgian Garden Mums aren't your grandmother's chrysanthemum.  A number of improvements over the old-fashioned garden mum have been bred into them.

  • Grow naturally into a tight even rounded form so no pinching or trimming is required to shape them
  • Prolific bloomers, producing 100s of blooms on each plant for a real show of color
  • More reliably winter-hardy, meaning you'll be able to enjoy their fall color for years to come.
  • Available in a wide range of colors from purple to red to yellow to orange to white
  • Four categories of bloom - Very Early, Early, Mid and Late-Season

Plant in full sun about 2' apart in an area with good drainage. Belgian mums pair beautifully with other fall-blooming favorites, such as ornamental grasses, Russian sage and sedum.

Once the foliage has died back after a hard freeze in late fall, cut back to a few inches above the ground and add a good layer of mulch to insulate for the winter.

Choose varieties from each of the four flowering categories to have continuous bloom from late August through early November.

If you follow these easy steps, you'll be able to enjoy bright color in your garden well into the fall every year.