Meet Your New Favorite Plant: Sunrosa Roses

MAY 04

We all love the non-stop color and easy-care of Knock Out roses, but their size can be too large for many garden spaces. Fortunately, an exciting new series of roses has been introduced: the Sunrosa Collection. Their compact habit make them the ideal choice for a small to mid-size landscape. And you'll fall in love with their flowers that bloom spring- fall!

Sunrosa shrub roses are very easy to care for! Their compact size requires little to no pruning and they offer superb disease-resistance. Even their old blooms drop easily off the stem, making the need to dead-head obsolete. Heat and humidity do not stop these beauties. Don't just take our word for it - these plants have won best species awards and have received perfect scores for foliage in rose trials.

Plant Sunrosas anywhere you want a pop of color - around a mailbox or lamppost, in perennial gardens, near your deck or patio. They are also the perfect size to grow in containers.

Sunrosa plants bloom profusely and the plants are generally covered in blooms up to 2" in diameter. They are available in three colors:

  • Red - A true intense red; double blooms; red color does not fade
  • Pink -  Soft pink; semi-double flowers; light clover-like fragrance
  • Yellow - Coral-colored buds open to a soft-yellow semi-double blossom

The compact shrubs grow in a mounding form about 15-30" tall and spread to about 18". Plant them in full-sun (sun all day or all afternoon). Keep them well watered to ensure lots and lots of flowers.