A Real Winner in the Garden

MAY 04

Looking for a long-blooming, heat-tolerant perennial that will grow in sun or partial shade?  Award-winning Rozanne Geranium just might be the answer.

Perennial Plant of the Year in 2008, Rozanne Geranium has been impressing gardeners for years now.  Its attractive violet-blue flowers bring cool soothing color to the summer garden from early June until the end of October.  Deep green leaves grow in a neat mound up to 20" tall and 24" wide.  As summer cools into fall, the foliage takes on a red tint in a stunning contrast to the continuing blue flowers.

Rozanne geraniums show very well in so many different settings.  In a mass planting, the color can't be beat, and will add a soft edge to any garden bed.  When planted in containers, it will spill over the edge in a wave of color.  Stunning when planted in combination with yellow flowers like Zagreb coreopsis or dark orange foliage such as Caramel coral bells.

Few plants will give you so much color for so long year after year.  It's time to add Rozanne geraniums to your summer garden!